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Learn about the force of the forest. Turn theory into practice and contribute a new way of thinking. We welcome students to all of our operations. Innovation and future talent are important to us.


New round of ”Tekniksprånget”

Tekniksprånget (The technical Leap) is the Internship program aimed at young people who have just left high school and are considering further studies. “Tekniksprånget is managed by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and SCA has been participating since the start in 2012. It is very valuable to have the opportunity to welcome young people who are facing their future career choice. This year SCA will have seven participants at our units from September until December. 

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Manöverrum, såglinjen, Tunadals sågverk.

Become a process operator

Together with Umeå University and Mid Sweden University, we offer a specially designed two year course for those wishing to become process operators. Labor that is in demand, teamwork, responsibility, shiftwork and a large amount of free time are some of the advantages of this job. Read more at www.processoperator.net

Many inroads

How to get to know our operations:

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Working at SCA
Working at SCA

Try out life as an engineer

Did you attend the natural science/technology programs at upper secondary school and are aged under 21? Then you can apply for Tekniksprånget (“The Technology Leap”), a trainee program in which you can try out life as an engineer.

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Make a study visit

Many of our operations offer study visits. A perfect way to gain rapid insight into how we harness the force of the forest.

Our businesses

Our Businesses
Our Businesses

For comprehensive schools:
Skogen i skolan

Skogen i skolan is a national collaboration between schools and the forest sector. Outdoor teaching based on the school's terms with material adapted to the curriculum.

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