A sustainable and fun working life

Our goal is to constantly improve. To cope with this, we need committed employees who are allowed to develop and have balance in life. We strive for a healthy working environment that provides the conditions for a sustainable and fun working life - regardless of who you are. As an employee at SCA, you have many benefits, but also the responsibility to contribute and perform in your own unique way

Occupational pension and insurances

All employees have a collectively agreed occupational pension and a supplementary pension and insurance cover. There is healthcare cost insurance and the option of group life insurance.

Individual plan for competence development

We want you to reach your full potential and take charge of your own development. Your development plan will be a mixture of the company's needs and your personal ambitions, where your attitude, drive and performance are decisive.

Job rotation

We encourage job rotation to broaden skills and create a greater understanding of how our businesses are connected.

Occupational health care

We care about your health. All employees are covered by our occupational health care.

Eye surgery and dental care

Our social fund can grant specialist care allowances for eye surgery. If you join the dental club, there are many benefits to take advantage of if necessary.

SCA has a wide range of benefits

Hunting and fishing license

Holiday homes

Art clubs

Cultural and sport events

Exercise and leisure clubs

Health care benefits