Are you our next plant? With us, you get room to grow

Business Services serves the business with financial services. By being a modern, forward-looking organization, we want to provide the best possible service to our stakeholders and through high-class collaboration with continuous improvements create a world-class financial organization.

Our assignements

Here are the most important tasks managed by Business Services.

Financial reporting

Credit handling

Taxes and fees

Customer invoices

Supplier invoices

Are you our next plant?

SCA is a well-established company that contributes a lot to society, and it feels good to work here. No day is the same. You get great personal responsibility and trust, even as a new employee, and the opportunity to grow in your role.

Mandeep Kaur, Financial assistant

SCA is a given choice for me, partly because of all the wonderful colleagues and partly because there are opportunities to develop through great personal responsibility and new tasks. SCA is an exciting employer if you like new challenges and varied days.

Camilla Skoglund, Financial assistant

SCA felt like a good choice when I changed jobs from having previously worked in the banking industry for many years. SCA is a large employer, which operates locally, which attracted me. I work at Business Services with financial matters. The tasks are varied and span a large area, which means that the working days can look very different.

Erika Johansson, Financial assistant