SCA’s forests, not least the forest roads SCA builds, contribute toward ecotourism, hunting and fishing. We have also launched a map service to make it easier for people to visit SCA’s forests with the highest conservation values and our conservation parks.

Social values

Welcome to our forest
Everyone is welcome to our forests. Come and hike, pick berries and mushrooms or simply enjoy the calm atmosphere of the forest.

Invigningen av Sörgraninge mångfaldspark i Sollefteå Kommun.

Our Conservation Parks
Our parks are areas distinguished by a higher degree of diversity than the forest landscape in general. Our aim is to develop forestry and ensure even greater resilience and sustainability from all perspectives.

Discovering the gems in our forests
This map allows you to see SCA’s entire land holdings in Sweden, including forest voluntarily set aside. In the set-asides, we show forest age, the main tree species and the most common type of ground vegetation.

Guidelines for sponsorship and community involvement
Sponsorship is an agreement for mutual benefit between two or more parties.

Galtström ironworks
Galtström Ironworks, SCA’s cradle, is located on the coast a short distance south of Sundsvall and is owned and managed by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA. The area is a pleasant destination for anyone interested in visiting a preserved ironworks environment or interested in studying the coastal flora at one of the beaches nearby. The old Galtström Ironworks is also here, and is a historic building of national interest.

Merlo archive
At Merlo Archive a unique collection of records of northern Sweden’s industrial history is kept, ranging from the first ironworks at the end of the 17th century until today’s SCA.