Hylosafe - the plant protection that stops the weevils efficiently

Hylosafe consists of a mixture of sand and binders, that is, substances that do not harm the environment. We treat the lower part of the plant with Hylosafe before delivery and ensure that at least 80 percent of the stem's circumference is covered by the mixture. This gives the plant a good protection. The weevils find it uncomfortable to have Hylosafe in their mouths when they rub, and therefore let the plants be left alone. Hylosafe is long-term, and has a protective effect that lasts for up to two seasons. It increases the forest owners' chance of having a good rejuvenation, with plants that survive and can grow up to new forests.

The weevil is a damage insect that causes major problems for newly planted plants. The weevil eats the bark on the plants, which makes the plants difficult to survive. In many cases, the weevils chew the trunk, and without the protective bark dies the plant. The weevil attacks cost the forestry several hundred million Swedish crowns each year.

Published 5/15/2018

Environmentally friendly protection against weevils