SCA’s forest management promotes biodiversity through nature conservation in all of its forest management activities, and also through targeted initiatives.

One example is the Jämtkrogen's butterfly landscape, which SCA, together with the county administrative boards of Västernorrland and Jämtland, set up to save the two butterfly species, Baptria tibiale and Lycaena helle, which are severely threatened in Sweden.

"Our measures create conditions to encourage these, and many other, species of butterflies that are under threat. The butterfly park creates corridors where the butterflies can find sunlight and thrive. This may involve creating paths and small openings in the forest, or clearing along forest roads and near power lines. The Swedish Transport Administration has even modified haymaking along the E14 motorway to encourage the butterflies. We also try to leave deciduous trees, particularly sallow, to create the best possible conditions for insects and bees prior to the pollination period," says Håkan Blomqvist, conservation specialist at SCA.

Published 4/13/2018

Benefit from threatened butterflies