SCA has never had as much forest as it does now. For a long time, we have been able to increase the harvesting of renewable raw materials, while the standing forest has increased in volume and growth. This means that our forest resource has a higher value.

In 2019, SCA performed a new forest survey. This indicates a larger standing volume of 11 million cubic meters than previously estimated. It also shows that annual growth is 1 million cubic meters higher than previously estimated.

A higher wood supply means that our forest resource has a higher value. Higher growth gives long-term higher harvesting opportunities and also means that our forest's contribution to counteracting climate change is increasing.

Pine and spruce forests are predominant, but there are also plenty of mixed forests. About one-third of our forests is coniferous, mixed or deciduous.

According to the new inventory, SCA’s standing volume in Sweden is estimated at 249 million m3fo as of December 31, 2019. This compares with the previous survey from 2012–2013 that indicated standing volume of 238 million m3fo at the end of 2019. Of the 11 million m3fo increase, about 6 million m3fo is related to higher than expected growth during the period between surveys (six years) and about 5 million m3fo is related to better data measurement compared with the previous survey.

The annual net growth amounted to approximately 10.5 million m3fo, 1 million m3fo higher than the estimate in the previous survey of about 9.5 million m3fo. Net growth amounted to approximately 4.0 million m3fo, compared with the previous estimate for net growth of about 3.0 million m3fo.

Together with 3 million m3fo of forest in the Baltic states, SCA’s total standing volume amounts to approximately 252 million m3fo.