Responsible management creates a diversity of values for people and the environment.

Good examples


EdiLog – an electric hybrid log stacker bringing Östrand’s wood handling in to the future
With electric power and an innovative design that considerably increases sustainability, reduces emissions and maximizes driver experience, the hybrid EdiLog has taken a position as the next generation’s log stacker. Östrand’s wood handling yard is the first to use EdiLog.

EdiLog – electric hybrid log stacker

Rare moss found in SCA's forest
SCA has made one of the northern most discoveries in Sweden of Neckera pennata. This rare moss was found in SCA’s forest in Västerbotten during a meeting between SCA’s conservation specialists and conservation value inventory-takers.

Rare moss found in SCA's forest
Skyltar i Jämntkrogens fjärilslandskap

Jämtkrogen Butterfly Park
Butterflies under threat have found refuge in Jämtkrogen Butterfly Park, where SCA and the county administrative boards of Jämtland and Västernorrland have launched a rescue program. Sunny clearings and flourishing roadsides will promote the recovery of rare species.

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Kasett med plantor med Hylosafe, NorrPlant, seedlings with Hylosafe

Hylosafe - the plant protection that stops the weevils efficiently

Skogsvårdsbränning. Naturvårdsbränning.

Burning forests – for nature’s best
Controlled burning is one of the most effective nature conservation measures that we can perform. Through fire, we create habitats for species that benefit from or that are dependent on forest fires to be able to survive.

Controlled forest burnings
Sörgraninge mångfaldspark

Our Conservation Parks
Our conservation parks are areas distinguished by a higher degree of diversity than the forest landscape in general. With the park, we are continuing our efforts to develop forestry and ensure even greater resilience and sustainability from all perspectives.

Our Conservation Parks
Swedish forest, SCA Skog, SCA Forest Products

The Right of Public Access
The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. We can sum this up with the phrase ”Don’t disturb – don’t destroy”.

The Right of Public Access
Reportage om skogsvård i Din Skog 2015.

Ensuring forests growth and usage
The forest industry contributes to counteract climate change.

Ensuring forests growth and usage
Valuable forests
Valuable forests

Responsible forestry

Responsible and active forestry aims to achieve long-term growth in the forest while preserving biodiversity. This creates the conditions for both profitability in the future and for continuing high levels of environmental benefits. The forest’s growth potential can be optimally utilized through active and scientifically based forest management practices.

21 per cent of SCA's productive forest land is excluded from harvesting to preserve biodiversity. SCA's responsible forest management are based on the long-term and sustainable use of the forest as a resource, which ensures it is at least as rich in biodiversity, nature experiences and economic values in the future as it is today.

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Our forests are home to lots of animals and plants. Responsible forestry involves, among other things, sustaining the conservation of biodiversity, offering nature experiences in the forestland and providing a high quality raw material. SCA's large forest holdings are an important carbon sink, as growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forestry also provides many jobs. Our forest certificates ensure credibility to our work.

Solid wood products in Great Britain from SCA Timber, SCA Forest Products.

The most common reason for certification is that customers require a company to demonstrate that serious quality and environmental work is being conducted. SCA also sees the benefit of a certification auditor reviewing our operations and making demands on our business development.

Peltovaara mångfaldspark

Balancing between biodiversity and positive climate impact
One high-priority environmental target in SCA forestry is preserving biodiversity.

Biodiversity and positive climate impact
Fångstgrop, forn- och kulturlämningar, med kulturstubbar

Less damage to ancient and cultural remains
SCA’s positive trend with increasingly less damage to ancient and cultural remains has continued. The target is zero damage to remains during site preparation and final harvesting operations. “We are moving steadily towards our zero-damage target,” says Anna Cabrajic, forest ecologist at SCA.

Less damage to ancient and cultural remains
Valuable forests
Valuable forests

Valuable forests

Target 2019

  • Our forests are to be at least as rich in biodiversity, nature experiences and raw material in the future as they are today
  • All wood raw material in our products is to be FSC® or PEFC™-certified or at least fulfill FSC®'s standard for controlled wood FSC® CW

Outcome 2018

  • Standing volume in own forest amounted to 235 million m3fo
  • Area exempted for nature conservation: 20% of productive forest land
  • Share of wood raw material in SCA’s products that complies with FSC®, PEFC™ or FSC® CW: 100%
Sustainability target 2019