SCAs sustainability work has targets that are specific, measureable and time-limited. The targets presented are those we consider to be most relevant for SCA’s business operations and stakeholders.

Fossil-free world

  • Increase our climate benefit and our value chain is to be fossil-free
  • SCA’s forests are to counteract climate change as growing trees bind CO2, and its products by replacing fossil-based alternatives
  • Increase wind power production on SCA’s land to 11 TWh by 2025

Outcome 2019

  • Total climate benefit: 10.5 million tonnes CO2
  • Net uptake in the forest: 5.4 million CO2
  • Substitution effect (contribution from products): 6.0 million tonnes CO2
  • Emissions of CO2e (direct emissions, emissions from purchased electricity and energy, emissions from purchased goods and services): 0.9 million tonnes CO2e
  • Approved wind power capacity on SCA land: 4.4 TWh
Sustainability target 2020

Valuable forests

  • SCA’s forests are to be at least as rich in biodiversity, nature experiences and raw material in the future as they are today
  • All wood raw material in our products is to be certified according to FSC® or PEFC™-certified or fulfill FSC®'s standard for controlled wood FSC® CW

Outcome 2019

  • Standing volume in own forest amounted to 252 million m3fo
  • Area excluded from timber production for nature conservation: 21.0% of productive forest land
  • Share of wood raw material in SCA’s products that complies with FSC®, PEFC™ or FSC® CW: 100%
Sustainability target 2020

Efficient use of resources

  • Maximize the use of raw materials and value creation from the wood raw material
  • Decrease the specific energy consumption by 10% between 2010 and 20205)
  • Decrease the specific emissions of suspended solids and phosphorus to water by 10% between 2014 and 2020

Outcome 2019

  • Wood consumption and yield are monitored locally at factory level: Anew KPI will be developed in 2020 
  • Energy saving: 9% lower specific energy consumption compared with 2010. Changes to product portfolio and investment projects impact the outcome
  • Emissions of suspended solids have decreased 24% and phosphorous has decreased by 29% compared with the base year
Sustainability target 2020

Responsibility for people and the community

  • Zero workplace accidents
  • Attractive and inclusive employer where diversity is a part of the culture

Outcome 2019

  • Workplace accidents, LTA frequency rate: 7.4 accidents resulting in absence per million hours worked
  • Engagement index from the All Employee Survey: Index = 78 (from 2018) New survey in 2020
  • Share of women in the Group: 19%

Sustainability target 2020

Profitable growth

  • Sustainable development through responsible, long-term and successful business practices

Outcome 2019

  • EBITDA margin: 27.2%
  • EBITDA development: 1.3% relative to 2018
  • Industrial return on capital employed: 11.9%
Sustainability target 2020

Our set of values

  • Compliance with SCA’s Code of Conduct and all employees to receive regular training in the Code
  • Purchases from suppliers that fulfill SCA’s Supplier Standard

Outcome 2019

  • Percentage of employees who have received training in the Code of Conduct: 96%
  • Percentage of contract suppliers that have approved SCA’s Supplier Standard: 93%
Sustainability target 2020