SCA has a long-term perspective and takes responsibility for sustainable development throughout our business. See our good examples and activities that show how sustainability is part of SCA's business concept.

Good examples

Rewarding discussions about Sörgraninge conservation park
At the end of October, the reference group held another meeting about SCA’s Sörgraninge conservation park in Ångermanland. Single-tree selection, new red-listed species and future visitors were a few of the items discussed during the day.

Christian Kugge, R&D Centre.

SCA’s Christian Kugge to receive the Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation award of SEK 700,000
Christian Kugge of the SCA R&D Centre is to receive the Competence Development Award for 2021 from the Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation. He is being awarded the prize for his ambition to enhance the efficiency of the process to convert lignin from the forest into high added-value chemicals.

Commitment that builds a better world
SCA cultivates a strong social commitment. The desire to develop has deep local roots but also branches out into global projects driven by our highly motivated and empathic employees. A load of timber that recently arrived in Ghana lays the foundations for both sustainable construction and increased gender equality.

SCA coaches contractors
SCA has a close collaboration with the harvesting contractors it engages, a collaboration that in some cases has extended over several generations.

Ethics – from compliance to leadership
We continuously develop our work in ethics and integrity.

Medarbetare IT.

Business ethics
SCA’s Code of Conduct describes how SCA’s employees are to act in a socially responsible manner in relation to such issues as corruption, human rights and health and safety.

Human rights
SCA shall be a credible and responsible company in all our actions.

Strategic competence
In order to ensure the industry's attractiveness and the long-term supply of competent employees, SCA cooperates with schools in particular.

Responsibility for people and the community
Responsibility for people and the community


SCA endeavors to be a safe and inclusive employer where employees achieve their full potential in a work environmentwith respect for each other, the community and for nature. SCA is a responsible company that participates in social progress and cares about people and the community.

Developed health and safety culture
SCA's most important goal is that all of our employees, and everyone who enters our sites, should return home healthy and unscathed at the end of the working day.

Electric forklifts - does good for both the environment and drivers
For a few weeks the employees at SCAs sawmill in Tunadal just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden, are testing an electric forklift. There are many advantages of electric forklifts, among other things, they are quieter, which benefits both the driver and the surroundings.

Behavior-based safety
Accidents are avoided throughbehavior-based safety

Responsibility for people and the community
Responsibility for people and the community