SCA’s operations generate direct and indirect values, such as job opportunities, revenues from timber sales for private forest owners and work opportunities for contractors and sub-suppliers. Moreover, SCA provides income and experiences from hunting, fishing, recreation and local associations.

SCA is an important source of economic activity and welfare in Northern Sweden. In addition to creating jobs for employees and contractors, SCA purchases timber from private forest owners
and products and services from a range of local suppliers. In that way SCA generates the preconditions so that trade, services and public services can continue to exist in smaller rural communities.

SCA’s industries, where one very important element of the supply of raw material is the purchase of timber from private forest owners, create jobs in rural areas, both directly and indirectly. SCA’s forests, not least the forest roads SCA builds, contribute toward ecotourism, hunting and fishing. In combination, these operations create an opportunity for people to live and work in areas such as the inland region of Norrland.

Most of SCA’s revenue is from exports, while the major share of costs is in Sweden.

Forest owners: SCA’s competitive industries not only support the value of SCA’s forests, but also those belonging to other forest owners.

Own private contractors: Many contractors and contractor employees have worked for SCA for many years, sometimes for generations.

Employees: SCA’s employees play an important part in the local community, not only
as consumers and taxpayers, but also as citizens, members of local
associations and as neighbors.

Recreation: SCA’s forests offer excellent opportunities for recreation. Thousands of people use our forests and forest roads for hunting, fishing, reindeer herding, nature tourism or to pick berries and mushrooms.