To improve the safety culture within SCA, and to reduce the number of occupational accidents, we have introduced the ZERO program. The CEO of SCA is sponsor for ZERO and the program is led by a steering group where the business area presidents are included.

With a vision of zero workplace accidents and we want
everyone to come home healthy and undamaged.

SCA's most important goal is that all of our employees, and everyone who enters our sites, should return home healthy and unscathed at the end of the working day. The Group has a vision of zero workplace accidents. In order to develop our health and safety culture, we run the program ZERO with an initial sub-goal to decrease the accident frequency rate by 50 percent between 2014 and 2018. By ZERO, we are working to raise awareness and change behaviors. 

Everyone must give the highest priority to work on health and safety, engage and take responsibility for the development of our common security culture.


Workplace accidents resulting in absence, per million hours worked. Equivalent to 1.6 workplace accidents per 100 employees.

The Group's managers are trained in change management to coach and encourage safe behavior. SCA also conducts training initiatives with regard to health and safety. In 2017, about 100 employees took part in training to create a better work environment, for example by reviewing available routines and instructions. There are also local initiatives that promote healthy living. Health and safety work at SCA's largest units is certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

In 2017, 65 workplace accidents took place resulting in absence. Following a drop in the number of accidents in 2016, the outcome for 2017 was at the same level as 2014. The number of days of absence due to workplace accidents has however fallen substantially and the number of risk observations has more than doubled since the ZERO program began in 2016. The most common causes of accidents, which also resulted in the longest absence, were tripping and falling accidents.