In order to ensure the industry's attractiveness and the long-term supply of competent employees, SCA cooperates with schools in particular.

SCA is collaborating with schools in order to secure the industry's attractiveness and the long-term supply of competent employees. SCA participates in the 'Skogen i Skolan' program, which aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the forest and forest industry among pupils and teachers, and 'Tekniksprånget', a nationwide placement program for senior high school students who studied natural sciences and technology programs to increase interest in pursuing the engineering profession.

SCA also offers practical workplace experience and summer jobs in offices, industrial plants, nurseries and in forest operations. This provides a good and important base for SCA's supply of skilled employees, at the same time as young people are offered important work experience. During 2017, 353 young people had summer jobs at SCA.

Another training initiative is SCA's "Early Career Program", which runs for 18 months. This differs from a traditional trainee program by targeting people that have already worked for one or two years and who are interested in further development. Eleven people are part of the program, where they work with leadership and develop both in new roles and as individuals. Alongside of this program, the managers of the participants are also trained to lead a new generation of employees.

Published 5/15/2018