SCA has a close collaboration with the harvesting contractors it engages, a collaboration that in some cases has extended over several generations.

In recent years, SCA has also helped several harvesting companies to start up their businesses.

"We assist in drawing up their business plan and strategy, provide help on recruitment issues, advice on the utilization rate the machines should have and offer support in determining priorities, etc. Establishing new supplier companies helps to create jobs and is also an important part in ensuring that SCA's industries have a sustainable timber supply over time," says Martin Carlsson, Senior Business Developer at SCA.

Each year, SCA helps a number of companies with challenges, to become good, flourishing, supplier companies to SCA. This could take the form of strategic coaching, common targets, action plans or investments. Strategic coaching is stimulating for both suppliers, which can improve their credit rating, and for SCA.

Published 4/13/2018

Sustainable entrepreneurs