The wood used in SCA’s pine heartwood decking is from the innermost and hardest part of a slow growing pine that is 80-100 years old and consists of 99 percent heartwood.

"Pine heartwood decking are our most environmentally sound decking for terraces and patios and requires no treatment to increase durability. It is not treated or impregnated but is naturally resistant to rotting and with time acquires an even silver-gray nuance. As pine heartwood decking contains no added substances, any waste is treated as combustible timber and it has a very minor impact on the environment," says Jonas Johansson, Head of raw material purchasing and quality construction material products at SCA.

A two-millimeter curvature on the upper surface of the decking allows water to run off, which increases the durability of the decking and reduces the risk of cracking. Pine heartwood decking are part of SCA's SmartTimber concept, which includes innovative products and services that simplify work and save time and money for builders and builders' merchants.

Published 4/13/2018

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