Accidents are avoided throughbehavior-based safety

Health and safety is top priority at SCA. The ZERO program was launched in 2016 to develop the Group's health and safety culture. Despite earlier initiatives and a systematic approach to health and safety, too many workplace accidents are still taking place. Many accidents can be avoided if you reflect and act differently. Behavior-based safety (BBS) is therefore an important component in ZERO and in achieving SCA's vision that no one should be injured at work.

Within the framework of ZERO, employees were trained to use a methodical and simple approach to alert each other to safety in the workplace. This is not about lecturing but about helping each other to become more aware of what is a safe way of working and what is not.

"We are now in the midst of a major cultural change and there is a lot of talk about safety here at Bollsta. Already, we can see a significant drop in serious accidents. This type of change takes time however, so it may take a while before we witness the major results," says Gustav Roslund, Health and Safety Engineer at Bollsta sawmill, one of the plants that implemented BBS in 2017.

Published 4/13/2018

Cultural change with safe behavior