We continuously develop our work in ethics and integrity.

We want to move beyond rules and control to also understand the sociological and psychological factors behind regulatory breaches. Or more easily expressed: why good people sometimes behave improperly.

A culture characterized by integrity begins with two important insights: the environment has a major impact on the behavior of individuals and that it is necessary to understand and handle ethical gray zones. It in turn requires that ethics becomes a matter of leadership rather than obey rules.

To increase knowledge, understanding and awareness, we have conducted a number of group discussions around ethical dilemmas where participants have discussed difficult situations, such as the relationship with customers and suppliers, conflicts of interest and employee issues. By showing that there is rarely a correct answer, we would strengthen participants' ability to handle different situations. These discussions also contributed to the participants feeling more comfortable sharing the dilemma that they themselves faced.

Published 4/13/2018

Ethics in everyday work