Success and sustainable development are dependent on dedicated employees and partnerships in local communities. We will develop together with the communities where operates and we will be a safe and inclusive employer where employees reach their full potential.

Responsibility for people
and the community

Success and sustainable development are dependent on dedicated employees and partnerships in local communities.

Developed health and safety culture
To improve the safety culture within SCA, and to reduce the number of occupational accidents, we have introduced the ZERO program. SCA's CEO is a sponsor of ZERO and the program is led by a steering group that includes all business area managers.

Dedicated employees
SCA HR strategy is based on the people making the success. Through dedicated and competent employees we achieve success. Responsibility for nature and people is our natural starting point.

Diversity and inclusion
Diversity in the workplace is a development area for SCA. We are actively striving to increase diversity by broadening the recruitment base, raising awareness internally and knowledge about the industry.

Viable local communities
SCA develops together with the communities in which we operate and we strive to be a secure and inclusive employer where employees and leaders reach their full potential.

Innovation and research
SCA’s innovation process is deeply embedded in the Group’s strategy and business model. Innovation activities are based on market trends, customer and consumer insight, new technology and new business models.

To remain relevant, today and in the future, SCA must evolve in harmony with the communities that we are part of. We therefore maintain a lively and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders in order to identify areas that should be prioritized.

Sustainability targets
SCA Group's sustainability targets will be achieved by 2030 with 2019 as the base year. The targets presented are those we consider to be most relevant for SCA’s business operations and stakeholders.

What we do!
SCA has a long-term perspective and takes responsibility for sustainable development throughout our business. See our good examples and activities that show how sustainability is part of SCA's business concept.

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