Success and sustainable development are dependent on dedicated employees and partnerships in local communities. We will develop together with the communities where operates and we will be a safe and inclusive employer where employees reach their full potential.

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EA-tekniker i arbete. SCA Underhåll.

Strategic competence
In order to ensure the industry's attractiveness and the long-term supply of competent employees, SCA cooperates with schools in particular.

Strategic competence
Nationell accelerator boostar skogsinnovationer. Digitala kanaler.

Successful innovation program
SCA has participated in the Forest Business Accelerator, a business development program in innovation and is now also participating in the next round.

Successful innovation program
Medarbetare i SCA.

Employee survey
Every second year, a employee survey is conducted to collect employee opinions about various issues.

Employee survey
Entreprenörer i skogen.

SCA coaches contractors
Joint development

SCA coaches contractors
Responsibility for people and the community
Responsibility for people and the community
Skoghen i skolan 2019.

Nearly 600 school students visited SCA
The annual event “The Forest at the School” took place on May 15-16 and attracted nearly 600 eighth-grade students to visit SCA. Ortviken was responsible for a guided tour of the factory and other SCA units showed their activities in an area outside.

Nearly 600 school students visited SCA
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Ethics – from compliance to leadership
We continuously develop our work in ethics and integrity.

Ethics, from compliance to leadership
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Human rights
SCA shall be a credible and responsible company in all our actions.

Human rights
Integration i samarbete med Vilhelmina kommun och SCA.

Good control of the supply chain
In Vilhelmina, newly arrived young immigrants received an introduction to society through language training alternating with silvicultural practices in a joint venture between SCA and Vilhelmina municipality.

Good control of the supply chain
Care for people and the community
Care for people and the community

SCA’s core values are responsibility, excellence and respect which form the basis of the sustainability profile and describe how we treat people, conduct operations, do business and contribute to the development of the local community. These relate to fundamental human rights and ethical requirements on operations, such as zero tolerance for corruption and victimization. The core values encompass company standards, sustainability across the value chain and justice and equality in the world around us. SCA has chosen to support the UN Global Compact and been a member since 2008.

The Group’s vision of zero workplace accidents means that all employees and other people working at the company’s facilities should return home healthy and unharmed from work. SCA runs the ZERO program to develop our shared health and safety culture through enhancing leadership and changing behavior.

Dedicated employees ensure profitable growth

SCA holds regular employee surveys where all employees can take part. The results are then used to draw up action plans to develop and improve SCA as employer. Participation in 2018 was high, just over 90%, and the survey reflects a high level of engagement.

Diversity in the workplace is a success factor and a development area for SCA. The company is actively striving to increase diversity by broadening its recruitment base, increasing awareness
within the Group and knowledge about the industry.

Community involvement for sustainable development

SCA’s operations generate direct and indirect values, such as job opportunities, revenues from timber sales for private forest owners and work opportunities for contractors and sub-suppliers.
Moreover, SCA enables income and experiences from hunting, fishing, recreation and associations. SCA thereby makes an active contribution to sustainable local communities and to
regional development.

Attractive communities

SCA will be a responsible company that participates in the community development and shows care about people and society. SCA strive to be a safe and inclusive employer where employees reach their full potential in a working environment characterized by respect for each other, the society and the nature. SCA protects all people's equal value and respect for one another, both within SCA and in the society at large.


SCA endeavors to be a safe and inclusive employer where employees achieve their full potential in a work environmentwith respect for each other, the community and for nature. SCA is a responsible company that participates in social progress and cares about people and the community.

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Developed health and safety culture
To improve the safety culture within SCA, and to reduce the number of occupational accidents, we have introduced the ZERO program. The CEO of SCA is sponsor for ZERO and the program is led by a steering group where the business area presidents are included.

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Ortvikens oljudsbekämpning

Ortviken Paper Mill fought noise with exciting technology
In 2017, Ortviken Paper Mill received a complaint that disturbing noise came from the mill. After several attempts to overcome the problem through traditional methods, the solution was to use quarter-wave resonators that swallow the disturbing sound.

Ortviken fought noise with exciting technology
Med Ta 2-blocket kan ka göra en extra koll innan jobbet startar. ZERO. Ta två. Bilden tagen på Ortviken. SCA Inside nr 4, 2016.ZERO.

Behavior-based safety
Accidents are avoided throughbehavior-based safety

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Responsibility for people and the community
Responsibility for people and the community

Responsibility for people and the community

Health & Safety Week


  • Our aim is zero workplace accidents
  • We are to be an attractive and inclusive employer where diversity is a part of our culture

Outcome 2018

  • Workplace accidents, LTA frequency rate: 9.1 accidents resulting in absence per million hours worked
  • Engagement index from the All Employee Survey: 86%
  • Share of women in the Group: 19%
  • Number of employees: 4,216 (average number during the year)

Sustainability target 2019