In Vilhelmina, newly arrived young immigrants received an introduction to society through language training alternating with silvicultural practices in a joint venture between SCA and Vilhelmina municipality.

SCA engages contractors to conduct forest management measures and has a distinct and clear process to verify that they comply with the company's standard in terms of labor and working conditions.

"During procurement, we always consult the GS trade union (the Swedish union of forestry, wood and graphical workers). When we receive a green light from them, that there are no complaints against the company, then we proceed with a supplier check using a list of criteria. On certain issues we request verification of compliance with the requirements, for example, they must have an action plan to minimize work environment risks in their operations," says Lena Pettersson, Environmental and Quality Coordinator at SCA.

Through the use of random checks, contractors are monitored in the field to ensure they offer their employees contractual rights. Silvicultural companies often use foreign workers and SCA works together with the municipal interpreter services to conduct random checks as far as possible. If a business conflicts with the agreement or SCA's Code of Conduct, SCA calls for corrective action, otherwise the collaboration is terminated.

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