Examples of resource efficiency are the sawmills' work with increasing the yield and the pulp mills consumption of wood. We have POEx, TIPS and LEAN as our way of working with continuous improvements in our operations.

SCA sawmills are well-invested and are among the largest in Europe with an annual capacity of 2.2 million m3 solid-wood products. They have a high degree of automation and use x-ray technology to maximize the yield from every log. The technology means the sawmills can sort, select and adjust the log to suit the requirements of the end product.

SCA works continuously to further improve resource efficiency. Currently, more than 70% of fresh fiber is used for wood products, paper, pulp and pellets. The remaining raw material is used for electricity and energy and for other products, such as tall oil and biofuels.

For many years now, the company has pursued the ESAVE program to continuous improve energy efficiency, partly through investments and partly by sharing best practices. The current period runs from 2010 to 2020. The projects completed by the end of 2019 have resulted in energy savings of approximately 155 GWh of electricity and 425 GWh of heating on an annual basis.

A new program period will begin in 2020 aimed at continuing the Group’s successful energy-saving work. The aim is to create further drive and engagement in continuous improvement activities by partially reworking the targets and by using additional resources.