SCA works continuously to further improve resource efficiency. The sawmills work in various ways to improve yield and pulp mills to improve wood consumption levels. Currently, more than 65% of fresh fiber is used for wood products, paper, pulp and pellets. The remaining raw material is used for electricity and energy and for other products, such as tall oil and biofuels.

Efficient use of resources

The forest industry is already contributing with renewable and recyclable materials and is thereby enabling to create a circular society. The company’s innovation efforts aim to develop new materials, services and business models to help create a fossil-free and circular society.

We use the entire tree
SCA has built an industrial ecosystem that maximizes value creation in and from the forest through renewable products, a resource-efficient value chain and using suitable woodland for wind power.

Innovation and research
SCA’s innovation process is deeply embedded in the Group’s strategy and business model. Innovation activities are based on market trends, customer and consumer insight, new technology and new business models.

Continuous improvement
Examples of resource efficiency are the sawmills' work with increasing the yield and the pulp mills consumption of wood. We have POEx, TIPS and LEAN as our way of working with continuous improvements in our operations.

Minimize emissions and waste
SCA takes a life cycle approach and works proactively with resource efficiency. We have worked for many years to minimize waste. Most waste, as construction materials and through energy recovery, is now recycled.

Resource consumption
Resource efficiency is a key aspect of our sustainability work, both in terms of economizing on the use of the Earth’s resources and also for our cost-efficiency. We measure and follow up in our resource management system, RMS.

Sustainable energy consumption
Since 2003, SCA’s ESAVE energy-efficiency program has contributed to energy savings and improved efficiency. The target now is to implement energy-saving measures of at least 50 GWh per year based on current energy consumption.

Sustainability targets
SCA Group's sustainability targets will be achieved by 2030 with 2019 as the base year. The targets presented are those we consider to be most relevant for SCA’s business operations and stakeholders.

What we do!
SCA has a long-term perspective and takes responsibility for sustainable development throughout our business. See our good examples and activities that show how sustainability is part of SCA's business concept.

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