Resource efficiency is a key aspect of our sustainability work, both in terms of economizing on the use of the Earth’s resources and also for our cost-efficiency.

Our business model is based on a sustainable and efficient value chain. We establish goals and constantly monitor our use of resources with the help of our Resource Management System (RMS). You can read more about this system and our performance in our Annual and Sustainability Report.

Water – an essential resource

Water is an essential resource and is scarce in many parts of the world. We use mainly surface water to supply our plants and treat our wastewater before it is discharged. Our emissions to air and water are regulated by the environmental permits for each plant. We have conducted a survey of the water situation and can see that our plants are located in areas with good access to water. Accordingly, we have not set any general water-reduction goals, but focus instead on reducing our emissions to water. At the current time, we have chosen to focus on reducing suspended solids and phosphorous. During the period 2014 to 2020, we will reduce our emission by 10%.