SCA’s climate benefits amount to 8 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, which is more than the total emissions from all the truck traffic and domestic air travel in Sweden.

Our contribution to a fossil-free society

Sustainability is a natural part of SCA’s business concept. As Europe’s largest private forest owner, we produce renewable raw material in responsibly managed and certified forests. We balance consideration for biodiversity, Sami reindeer herding and other important societal concerns with a high level of production of valuable raw material for products with a low carbon footprint and for a high quality of life.

SCA reports climate impact

SCA is for the first time reporting the company’s impact on the climate as part of its Annual Report, to be published on February 27. At a seminar in Stockholm, SCA reported the positive effect on the climate from forest growth and substitution, as well as the climate impact of its operations. During a seminar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry on Monday, February 25, SCA reported the climate effect of its operations. The calculations are presented in detail in a report by Peter Holmgren, a consultant and former head of CIFOR, an international organization for forest research, and SCA’s Sustainability Director Katarina Kolar. The model encompasses the carbon sequestration that occurs in SCA’s growing forests, all emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from SCA’s entire value.