UN development goals that SCA supports.

The 2030 Agenda is the plan of action agreed on by world leaders to secure freedom, prosperity and the environment for future generations. The plan is set out in 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that together and as a whole express ambitions for a desirable development. The SDGs were adopted in 2015 and are used as a framework for national plans, international commitments and in the private sector. The inclusion of economic growth with social and environmental dimensions makes the framework highly relevant for responsible companies.

Sweden’s action plan for the 2030 Agenda includes the two priorities: “a socially beneficial, circular and bio-based economy” and “a strong business sector with corporate social responsibility”. Innovation and regional development are other watchwords. SCA makes a direct or indirect contribution to all of these goals.

Our contribution to the goals

FNs globala mål 3,5

Program ZERO for a healthy and safe work environment with no accidents. Work to increase diversity and an inclusive company culture through a wider recruitment base and a living Code of Conduct.

FNs globala mål 3,5

Good working conditions and excellent possibilities for upskilling and skills development. Participation in external training programs, work experience for young people through work placements and vacation work.

FNs globala mål 16,14

Effective control and systematic work minimize emissions to water and marine environments to safeguard access to clean water.

FNs globala mål 7,9

All forest raw materials are used to produce renewable products. Bioenergy and biofuels play a central role in the product mix. Efficiency enhancements in flows and processes are key to both profitability and low environmental impact. Innovation continuously leads to the creation of new, renewable products.

FNs globala mål 10,11

Long-term economically viable operations contribute to sustainable local communities. Dialogue and influence through SCA’s Supplier standard. Sponsorship of local associations.

FNs globala mål 12

Production systems utilize the forest raw material in the best way possible with responsibility for health and safety and nature conservation. Greater raw material yield increases the potential for substitution of fossil-based products to facilitate more sustainable consumption.

FNs globala mål 13

The industrial processes are to a high degree fossil-free due to renewable energy from forest raw materials. Efficiency enhancements and adaptation further reduce the climate impact.

FNs globala mål 15

The responsible management of SCA’s own forests and similar commitments from external timber suppliers lead to enhanced conservation values that strive for at least the same level of biodiversity in the future, and higher timber growth that safeguards the future needs of society.

FNs globala mål 16,17

Partnership with stakeholders in the local community. Member of the UN Global Compact.