Sponsorship is an agreement for mutual benefit between two or more parties.

SCA is an important part of the community in which we operate. Our sponsorship shows that we provide more than just job opportunities and economic development. It should also contribute to our employees' involvement and pride, and assist us in attracting skilled employees and in conducting good business. Our sponsorship activities must always strengthen SCA's brand. SCA sponsors activities and non-profit organizations where we have our operations, from southern Norrland and further north. 

Our sponsorship is primarily intended to

  • Strengthen SCA's relation to target groups such as
    • Customers, forest owners and collaborating partners
    • Prospective employees
    • The general public, in regions where we operateImprove our opportunities for conducting good businessStrengthen SCA's brand in important areas and toward broad target groups

For sponsorship arrangements to be considered, they must be aligned with SCA's values, they must have a clear link to SCA's operations and they must be relevant to SCA's brand. All of our sponsorship activities must comply with laws and regulations, and be marked by transparency.

Questions about sponsorship can be sent to local representatives of SCA or by e-mail to info@sca.com