For generations we have refined Europe's largest certified forest. We have great respect for life and our forest and want to contribute to a sustainable society and a better climate.

We are careful to get the most out of every tree when we produce different products. The bark is used as biofuel, saw and cutter chips are pressed into heating pellets and the chips become raw materials for new products in our pulp and paper industry.

Wood for Sustainability

Wood use contributes to sustainable development. When a forest grows, carbon dioxide is absorbed. Wood products, in turn, store carbon dioxide while they are used and can replace products that give greater carbon dioxide emissions.
SCA's forests in northern Sweden absorb 1.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for each cubic meter of wood produced. Since the growth in SCA's forests is 25 percent higher than the harvest, it results in 250kg of carbon dioxide being netted for each cubic meter of sawn timber produced.

Certified wood contributes to better climate.

Wood is a renewable and energy-efficient raw material.

For each tree that SCA fells, three trees are replanted.

Wood-based materials provide cost-effectiveness and competitiveness in construction.

Wood products can replace materials such as steel, concrete and plastic, all of which produce significantly greater carbon dioxide emissions.

Wood is light, has good insulating abilities, stores carbon dioxide for a long time - perhaps more than a century - and can eventually be used as a fuel.

Wood shavings are baled into horse and animal bedding in the UK - a low moisture, absorbent bedding material!

Sawdust from sawmills in Sweden is widely used for the production of fuel pellets, replacing oil as a heat source in both households and large energy plants.


SCA Timber's by-products from the sawmill process gain new uses as valuable raw material.

The bark is used as biofuel - among other things, in our own drying process of the wood.

Sawdust and chips are pressed into heating pellets or briquettes at SCA BioNorr.

Wood chips become raw material for new products within SCA's pulp and paper industry.

Wood Shavings become Thoroughbred pure softwood bedding - a market leading shavings brand. More information on Thoroughbred shavings.