By transferring transport from road to sea and rail, and by optimizing logistics work, emissions can be reduced. Using larger vehicles for timber transport also reduces fossil emissions.

From SCA's port terminal in Rotterdam transportation has, for example, been transferred from road to rail and barges for distribution to the Group's customers in Europe. SCA's coastal shipping between destinations in southern Sweden and SCA's terminals in the north has taken over goods that would otherwise have been shipped by road. Ship transport normally has very low carbon emissions per freight unit.

In the D2016 logistics project, routes were optimized for SCA's RoRo vessels so they now ship larger freight volumes per journey, which reduces fuel consumption per ton of transported goods.

Timber transportation from the forest must always begin on trucks, but for long-distance transportation, the timber is transferred to rail. SCA is also endeavoring to develop and acquire permits to use larger vehicles, which would reduce emissions from timber transport.