The greatest climate effect can be achieved by using the Group's products to replace other products with a larger carbon footprint, for example, by, using biofuel to replace fossil fuels, wood products to replace concrete, and paper to replace plastic.

One important tool in SCA's corporate responsibility work is the Resource Management System (RMS). This system monitors resource consumption and environmental impact for production facilities and for transportation of raw materials and finished products. Using life cycle assessments, the carbon footprint from the Group's products can be calculated. SCA's products already possess a small carbon footprint.

Through innovation, SCA develops products and materials that can further reduce the carbon footprint. Examples of such innovations launched in recent years include a material-efficient kraftliner that uses less packaging material without impairing performance or durability.

Another example of increased resource-efficiency is the proprietary Arcwise®-technology that makes it possible to manufacture curved-shaped corrugated board packaging, which nobody has succeeded in doing previously. Curved-shaped corrugated board packaging requires less material, saves space in storage and offers new design opportunities.