The forest industry contributes to counteract climate change.

Research into how forests, the forestry industry and forest products impact the climate is extensive and complex. Often, the results are due to how narrowly the limits of what is being looked at are defined, and what time scale is being used. Looking at a single fully grown tree and starting to calculate from when this tree is harvested (and ignoring what it is used for), it will naturally be a long time before the seedling planted in the tree's place is just as big.

But SCA has 2.6 million hectares of forest — and hundreds of millions of trees — in various phases of development. With the forestry we are pursuing, our growing trees capture and bind four million tons of carbon dioxide a year in the forests' ever-growing standing volume.

At the same time, we manufacture products with a small carbon footprint that replace products with a greater impact on the climate.

The forest and the forest industry can promote the work on counteracting climate change in three ways:

  • Keeping forest growth up! Trees bind carbon dioxide when they grow
  • Keeping the forest industry's carbon emissions down! We will continue to decrease carbon emissions from fossil fuels in our processes and transportation
  • Manufacturing products that replace products, materials and fuels that have a greater negative effect on the climate