SCA has a long-term perspective and takes responsibility for sustainable development throughout our business. See our good examples and activities that show how sustainability is part of SCA's business concept.

Good examples

The dual positive climate effect of forests
Forests sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide as they grow. However, they also have considerable climate impact when they are felled because products produced using wood form forests replace fossil-based products so that oil and coal can be left in the ground. 

Tall oil from the forest to become fossil-free biofuel for domestic aviation
A biorefinery jointly owned by SCA and Finland’s St1 is scheduled to start production in 2023. The new plant will produce renewable diesel (HVO) and fossil-free aviation fuel.

Climate-smart whisky made from sustainable energy
A world-class whisky is being produced in an impressive building by the mighty Ångerman river in northern Sweden. Large amounts of energy are required to produce whisky but at this particular distillery, energy is produced from pellets supplied by SCA.

SCA’s climate benefits
SCA’s climate benefits amount to 9.6 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, which is more than the total emissions from all the truck traffic and domestic air travel in Sweden. Look at our calculation model.

Produkter från Obbola.

Life cycle perspective
The greatest climate effect can be achieved by using the Group's products to replace other products with a larger carbon footprint, for example, by, using biofuel to replace fossil fuels, wood products to replace concrete, and paper to replace plastic.

Wood for sustainability
For generations we have refined Europe's largest certified forest. We have great respect for life and our forest and want to contribute to a sustainable society and a better climate.

Towards a more sustainable world
Our strong, fresh wood fibre from sustainably managed forests gives superior results and durability. The fresh fibre can be reused many times, thereby securing raw material for new products.

Arcwise for sustainability
Arcwise® is a unique packaging technology that for the first time entails curved shaped corrugated board packaging. The technology provides premiumization of packaging (e.g. shelf ready packs) and attraction in point of sale. At the same time, Arcwise® has a significant lightweighting potential, which can substantially reduce carbon footprint.

Pulp for sustainability
Fluff pulp can be used as insulation material and replace mineral wool that has significantly higher carbon dioxide emissions.

Windpower for sustainability
SCA offers partners an opportunity to build wind power on the Group’s forest land. At the end of 2019, SCA had 485 wind turbines on its forest land with an annual capacity to produce 4.4 TWh. The target of 8 TWh by 2022 will be reached when the ongoing projects are completed.

Ensuring forests growth and usage
The forest industry contributes to counteract climate change. With the forestry we are pursuing, our growing trees capture and bind four million tons of carbon dioxide a year in the forests' ever-growing standing volume.

Balancing between biodiversity and positive climate impact
One high-priority environmental target in SCA forestry is preserving biodiversity.

Fossil-free world
Fossil-free world