We manage our forest on a long-term basis with the ambition to integrate productive and profitable forestry management with effective nature conservation that preserves biological diversity.

The aim of our forest management is to have as much timber, biodiversity and nature experiences in our forests in the future as we have today.

This is how we work

Reportage om skogsvård i Din Skog 2015.

Our nature conservation strategy integrates nature conservation measures with our practical forest management.

Nature conservation strategy

Reportage om skogsvård i Din Skog 2015.

Environmental consideration is a natural part in all we do in our forests. The environmental consideration encompasses; nature conservation consideration, cultural heritage consideration, consideration to recreation and outdoor life together with consideration to reindeer operations.

Environmental consideration

Skogsvy mot berg, forest on a mountain

In our ecological landscape planning (ELP), we set aside conservation areas. By doing this we can preserve the plants and animals that live in the forest.

Ecological landscape planning

Tallstammar i skogen, Pine stems in the forest

SCA's forest management is certified. This means that we comply with the guidelines for responsible forestry.

Certified forestry management

John Deere harvester in the forest. SCA Skog, SCA Forest Products. The photo is taken in Östavall, Sweden.John Deere skördare i skogen. SCA Skog, SCA Forest Products. Bilden är tagen i Östavall, Medelpad.

Our guidelines for the environmental work in SCA Skog and raw materials shows how we handle these issues.

Guidelines environmental work and raw material

Nturvårdsbränning, brans i skogen

Burning forests – for nature’s best

Controlled forest burnings

Controlled forest burnings

Well-managed forests burn less often than old-growth forests

Today's forests do not burn as often. That is because we fight the fires effectively and the forest structure and care makes it not as inflammable.

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Forest fires