SmartTimber is a broad concept including both smart timber products and innovative services. SmartTimber products are developed to simplify work for end users and to improve the overall economy of construction projects. Examples of products in the SmartTimber range are heartwood duckboards, intermediate-coated exterior cladding with concealed nailing and products with lengths adapted to end uses. SmartTimber also includes a number of services that save time and costs for dealers, for example barcode labelling of wood and smart logistics services.

Pre-painted wood paneling

SCA has successfully launched the second generation of planed and painted exterior cladding products for the Scandinavian market. The new generation has an improved surface due to new cutting technology, its length is better adapted for end use and it has been tailored to suit e-commerce.

Defect-free components for joinery and indoor use

By using advanced cutting, scanning and gluing technology, SCA has developed a number of components for industrial customers. The components, which have been improved in respect of visible defects and dimension stability, are used for high-quality wood products in the joinery and renovation sector.

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