The core of SCA's operations is the forest, Europe's largest private forest holdings. Around this unique resource, we have built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw materials from our own and others' forests.

SCA owns and is responsible for 2.6 million hectares of environmentally certified forests in northern Sweden. Our business model is to sustainably create the highest possible value from and around this unique resource. The forest generates valuable raw materials forever, if we take care of it in a sustainable way.

With the forest as a base, we have developed a resource-efficient industry where the whole tree is taken. Our business extends all the way from our own nursery schools and commodity supply to industrial processing and own shipments to customers and markets. Our renewable energy is beneficial for our own industries, partners and customers.

Since 2017, our head office is once again located in Sundsvall. Our forests and industries are mainly located in the northern part of Sweden. Additional wood purchases are made mainly in northern Sweden, but also in the Baltic countries where SCA also owns forest. We have port operations in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and England.  Our sales activities are found in most parts of the world.

You can find more information about our activities on other pages under "This is SCA". Here are all our business areas presented.