SCA provides extensive marine and land transports within Europe and to overseas markets. The operation is supported by a network of terminals at strategic sites throughout Europe.

​Marine Transports coordinates all the goods flow within SCA in order to create the best methods of transport for marine transportation. By using SCA's total volume, we attract more suppliers to offer their services to us regardless of whether it involves Break Bulk shipping, the purchase of bunker oil or procurement of container shipments regardless of the destination.

​Our terminals supply intermodal services, goods handling, container handling, warehousing, forwarding, shipping agencies and administration.


The new SCA Logistics' Kiel terminal was inaugurated on November 11th, 2016. The terminal is conveniently situated near the Kiel Canal and the southern end of the Baltic Sea. This makes the location an excellent entry point to the European hinterland.

This modern intermodal terminal is designed to handle all types of vessels and cargos. We offer daily departures to the entire European intermodal network and have direct rail connections to the hinterlands such as Southern and Eastern Europe. In addition to forest products, we are able to handle all kinds of general cargo, industrial goods and project cargo by sea, road and rail.


​Our terminal is centrally located in the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. The terminal was opened in July, 1967 and built using the most advanced technological equipment to be able to handle all types of cargoes. We have excellent assets to and from the North Sea, and from Rotterdam we ship our forest products and general goods throughout the world. We also have facilities for road and rail and transport huge volumes by lorry and train.


Our terminal in Sheerness on the Thames River is located 350 km from London. The harbour is equipped for providing distribution throughout the UK and France and offers excellent access to road and rail connections. Through our partnership with Peel Ports, we can handle more than 300,000 tonnes of goods annually and we mainly handle forest products and paper rolls. We provide handling, storage and distribution services to Scandinavia, Europe and North America.


​Our Terminal in Sundsvall, and the SCA Logistics head office, is located just outside of central Sundsvall on Sweden's beautiful east coast. The terminal was built in 1967 and is strategically located not far from the open sea. We ship incoming volumes and huge volumes of other goods for transport to industries in Sundsvall and neighbouring regions. Two thirds of the goods we handle, are shipped by sea to destinations around the world and the other products are shipped to our customers by road and rail.


​Our terminal in Holmsund is located just outside Umeå and contains all the requisite modern facilities for handling cargo. The terminal has an indoor capacity of more than 70,000 square meters and an equally large outdoor area. We mainly deal with kraft liner from Obbola and Munksund but also sawn wood products from the two sawmills in the region. Two thirds of the volumes from Umeå is shipped by marine transport mainly to London, Rotterdam and Lübeck. The remaining volumes are transported by rail and road.

Associated terminals ​

Nordic Forwarding & Associated Terminals is responsible for coordinating Swedish forwarding operations, our agency operations and all associated terminals. This department is also in charge of streamlining our administrative work flow throughout the chain from contract to end customer.