​SCA R&D CENTRE support ongoing operations, product renewal and drive innovations to create future business opportunities. The organization includes specialist competence that ensures excellence in key areas.

SCA R&D Centre coordinates the Group's external research and development partnerships. SCA is taking part in several collaboration projects that strengthen and complement our own expertise and resources. We work together with bilateral and multi-stakeholder projects with partners from businesses, institutes and higher education in Sweden and abroad. These projects may be fully financed by SCA or may receive some financing at local, regional, national or European level. One prerequisite for SCA to take part in external projects is that these must have a distinct link to SCA's strategies and priorities. Collaborative activities must – directly or indirectly – support business transactions of today or tomorrow and have a link to the forest, which is at the heart of the company's operations.

The SCA R&D Centre works continuously to ensure that externally generated results are used in internal projects and to create business value. It is therefore important for us to maintain relevant processes to evaluate and prioritize submitted project proposals and potential partners. We strive to achieve a balanced external project portfolio comprising both long-term, knowledge-building and product-centric activities.

Find R&D

By plane

The Sundsvall-Härnösand airport is situated 15 miles north of Sundsvall city. From the airport, FLYGTAXI (020-97 97 97) offers set prices from SEK 225. Flight buses are arranged by Taxi Sundsvall (060-19 90 00) and depart to Sundsvall city in connection with arriving flights.

By train

There are several daily departures from Stockholm to Sundsvall. The trains stop at Sundsvall Central station which is located close to Sundvall city center.

By car on E4 from the south

When you enter Sundsvall (the Central train station on your left hand side) just drive straight ahead and at the end of Köpmangatan (a big school in front of you), turn right by the traffic lights and choose the left lane. When you get to the roundabout turn left and follow Storgatan to the next roundabout where you turn left again. Now you can see our building to your right, the entrance facing the roundabout.

By car on E4 from the north

Follow E4 to Sundsvall. Turn right at the first traffic lights and follow the sign "Centrum" until you get to a roundabout, where you turn left. In the next roundabout you turn right and follow Storgatan to yet another roundabout where you turn left again. Now you can see our building to your right, the entrance facing the roundabout.


Pass the R&D building on Sidsjövägen and you will find a large parking lot to your right (just before the railway). Park you car at space 1-70. Read more about parking.