Bogrundet and Wifstamon tree nurseries constitutes SCA's NorrPlant seedling operation. We can grow over 100 million seedlings per year and the seeds will grow into tree saplings, becoming in turn SCA's and other forests owners future forests.

Tre små plantor i växthus, three young sedlings in greenhouse

We can grow över 100 million seedlings per year, enough to cover about 50,000 hectares or an area the size of 100,000 football fi elds. Around half of our seedlings are being planted on SCA’s own land, with the remainder sold to other forest owners.  Forest seedlings from NorrPlant are one of the many important links in the value chain that shape SCA’s forestry and industrial operations in northern Sweden.

High-quality seedlings 

We have three different seedling types – JackPot, PowerPot and SuperPot.

JackPot is a larger and more vibrant seedling from the very start, while PowerPot is a somewhat smaller seedling, but one that allows more economic and effective planting. We offer them bort as spruce, pine abd Pinus Contorta.

SuperPot is our largest seedling and we only offer it as spruce. Regardless of which one you choose, you will have seedlings that provide stable trees and forests with generous growth.

A good start for the forest

The forests of tomorrow get a good start in life at the Bogrundet and Wifstamon nurseries. The bulk of the seeds we use come from our own seed plantations. These have been developed from meticulously selected trees of documented high quality and high growth.

At the height of the season, we sow up to one million seeds per day at our nurseries. The pots are filled with peat and our highly automated sowing process ensures that the seeds are planted individually in the middle of each pot.

It’s all about the roots

How a seedling performs when it is placed in the ground depends on the roots. Thanks to our efforts and thousands of hours of work, we were the first in Sweden to develop seedlings with roots that are highly reminiscent of the roots created when nature itself gets to decide.

Today, we use a combination of different methods, such as root-training ridges, airslits and copper paint, to ensure the optimal development of the roots. By painting the inside of all pots with copper-based paint, the seedlings’ roots cease to grow when they come into contact with the side of the pot. Because the roots are thus not forced to bend when they reach the side of the pot, they do not become deformed. When the seedlings are then removed from the pots to be planted in the ground, the roots once again start to grow, but this time straight out, like the roots of naturally regenerating seedlings. This results in a straight tree with good stability and high growth.

The copper paint that is used to coat our pots is approved and registered by KemI (Swedish Chemicals Agency) and has no negative impact on the environment. Normal Swedish forestland contains about  one ton of copper  per hectare in the top metre of the soil. Only a few grams of copper are added to the forestland via the seedlings.

Deliveries at the right time

The melting of the snow marks the beginning of an intensive period at our nurseries. This is when we are tasked with delivering around 100 million seedlings to our customers, both large and small, all over northern Sweden.

At peak season, we deliver about 1.5 million seedlings each day.



Research for the future

Quality is a lodestar for us.  In our laboratory, we carry out research and development that is unparalleled among Swedish seedling producers. For example, we have the most comprehensive quality assurance program for seedlings throughout the country. During the growing cycle of the seedling, we regularly analyse the seedling’s vitality, the balance between the root and the green part of the seedling, and the nutrient composition.

To further improve the opportunities for our future seedlings, we also operate an experimental greenhouse where we perform tests of various insect-protection methods, new seedling systems and fertilisers.

Each year, SCA plants 35-40 million seedlings on its own land, after which we continue our careful quality control. We monitor the seedlings from planting in the forest until they are ten years old. SCA started doing this back in 1974 and today we are monitoring a total of 50,000 seedlings in this manner! All information on the individual seedlings is stored in an advanced database, providing extremely valuable knowledge for both seedling cultivation and silviculture.

No end to the possibilities

At NorrPlant, we work continuously to develop new seedlings. We are also involved in work to establish new seed plantations with the ultimate aim of producing seed with better properties and that will yield trees with an even better growth than current levels. In our view, there is no end to the possibilities.