SCA' s business area Forest manage the 2.6 millions hectare forest holdings in northern Sweden and 50,000 hectares in Estonia and Latvia. Oir forest operation consist of five functions that are responsible for forestry and management of SCA's own forests. They also purchase timber from private forest owners in Norrland and offer them forestry services. Forest has around 40 offices in norther Sweden.

SCA’s forest holdings in Latvia

SCA owns 10 400 hectare of forest and agriculture land i Latvia. Our primary focus in forest management is to facilitate profitable and sustainable forestry whether it is for adding value to the assets or keeping a flourishing forest to the next generations. We have a well-established forest management network creating balance between biodiversity and economic interests. We also manage agriculultureal and collaborate with hunting teams that rent areas for hunting.


SCA meža īpašumi Latvijā