The pelletsproduction started 1992 in Härnösand. Today SCA is one of Sweden’s largest pellets manufacturers and wood fuel pellets are produced in various sites. The raw material used is sawdust from spruce and pine, mainly supplied by SCA's own sawmills.

SCA has manufacturing units in three locations:


Production capacity: 180,000 tonnes
Employees in production: 20
The raw material used is sawdust from spruce and pine, mainly supplied by SCA's Tunadal and Bollsta sawmills. Both 6 mm and 8 mm wood pellets are manufactured here for energy production.


Production capacity: 25,000 tonnes
Employees in production: 5
The raw material mainly comprises wood shavings and dry chips. 8 mm wood pellets are manufactured here
for energy production and stall pellets for the livestock industry.


The pellets plant in Luleå is jointly owned by Luleå Energi (91%) and SCA Energy AB (9%)
Production capacity: 100,000 tonnes
Employees in production: 13
The 6 mm and 8 mm pellets manufactured in Luleå are sold using the SCA brand and SCA Energy is responsible for all sales and marketing. The raw material is pine and spruce sawdust.
SCA's wood pellets contain no additives or binders and are delivered by bulk road tanker, truck and boat, to large CHP plants, small and mid-sized properties, residential property customers, stables and stores.



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From pine and groin to hard pieces of concentrated bioenergy;

Sawdust is transported from SCA's local sawmills to pellets plants. Tractors stack the sawdust and continuously feed the loading dock at the plant. The sawdust is then ground to a fine powder while hot flue gas is used to dry the material. The dried and finely ground powder is then pressed through a hole matrix and converted into pellets. When the pellets are pressed through the matrix they are about 100 degrees celsius. They are then cooled to suitable storage temperature. After storage, the pellets are screened and delivered to customers.


Environmental facts

SCA's wood fuel pellets have values exceeding Class 1 from the Swedish Standards Institute and European Standard. The pellets are manufactured from FSC-certified sawdust. All consumer pellets are labelled with the Bra Miljöval eco-label. SCA is also certified to sell a certain volume of ENplus.

The Härnösand pellets plant is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the ISO 50001 energy management system.

Pellets are an eco-friendly product and qualify as climate neutral. A domestic, renewable fuel that is part of nature's ecocycle and does not produce new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

SCA's pellets are moreover climate-smart, as production uses almost exclusively sustainable energy. The sawdust dryer in Härnösand is operated using bioenergy – the fine sawdust that was screened and set aside between storage and delivery. The electricity used in Härnösand and Stugun is from wind power, generated on SCA's own forest land. The pellets plant in Luleå is connected to SSAB and the drying process uses part of SSAB's local energy surplus, which means pellets can be manufactured with limited environmental impact.

Waste heat from the pellets plant in Härnösand is also delivered to the district heating grid.

All pellets transportation is optimized to minimize environmental impact.