Forest harvesting produces raw materials for the pulp, paper and sawmill industry. The raw material that is not suitable for the industry is used to produce biofuels. By that we use all parts of the tree.

Solid biofuels

Our staff managing production, logistics, purchasing and sales of solid biofuels are situated in Munksund, Umeå, Östersund och Sundsvall.

Our wide range of fuels enables a delivery of woodfuel mixtures based on requirements.. Deliveries can include both biofuels from the forest, such as brash, stemwood chips and peat as well as biofuels from industry in the form of bark, sawdust, pellets and briquettes. Thanks to our own raw material supplies we can offer long term contracts.

Wood pellets

The production of pellets in Härnösand began in 1992. Today SCAs pellets are produced on more sites and SCA is one of Swedens largest wood pellets producers. The raw material for pellets manufacturing is sawdust from spruce and pine, delivered mostly from SCAs own sawmills.

SCAs pellets are produced in Härnösand, Luleå and Stugun.