From Europe’s to the world’s largest Kraftliner machine

SCA is building a new paper machine for the production of kraftliner at its Obbola paper mill in Umeå, Sweden. The annual production in Obbola will increase from the current 450,000 tonnes of kraftliner to 725,000 tonnes to meet the growing demand for renewable packaging.

What does the expansion of the Obbola paper mill mean?

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Questions and answers

Digital technology will optimize the new paper machine

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Did you know that...

  • The expansion project runs from the autumn of 2019 until 2023

  • We are investing SEK 7.5 billion

  • The capacity increases by 275 ktonnes

  • The new kraftliner machine will have a wire width of 10.2 m and a speed of 1400 m/min

  • 11,000 tonnes of machinery, equivalent to the weight of 1.5 Eiffel towers, will be installed

  • The investment includes environmental improvements for SEK 1 billion

  • We have built and are operating a biofuel-fired lime kiln, which replaces two oil-fired kilns, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year

  • We are the first kraftliner producer with fossil-free industrial processes
project facts
project facts

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SCA invests in Obbola kraftliner mill

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