SCA's forestry operations supplies our industries and sawmills with wood. We are also responsible for the forestry management of SCA's forest holding with 2.6 million hectares of forest land in norhern Sweden and 60, 000 hectares of forest land in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

SCA' s business area Forest manage the 2.6 millions hectare forest holdings in northern Sweden and 50,000 hectares in Estonia and Latvia. Our forest operation consist of five functions that are responsible for forestry and management of SCA's own forests. They also purchase timber from private forest owners in Norrland and offer them forestry services. Forest has around 40 offices in norther Sweden.

NorrPlant produces some 100 million forest seedlings annually at our two nurseries – Bogrundet and Wifstamon. We also have companies in Estonia and Latvia for wood purchase.

SCA in Estonia and Latvia

SCA Metsad Eesti AS and SCA Metz Latvija are our purchasing company in Estonia and Latvia and we also have a comany i Lituania. They manage SCA's forest holdings in the Baltics and purchases pulpwood as required for SCA's Swedish industrial operations. We operate through two proprietary terminals. We also purchase shiploads from other locations. The timber is then shipped by SCA Logistics to the industrial unit that requires the raw material.

SCA Metsad Eesti AS SCA Mezs Latvija SIA SCA meža īpašumi Latvijā SCA Lietuvoje

Seedlings for future forests

Bogrundet and Wifstamon tree nurseries constitutes SCA's NorrPlant seedling operation. We grow over 100 million seedlings per year and the seeds will grow into tree saplings, becoming in turn SCA's and other forests owners future forests.