A Sustainability Acceleration Project (ASAP) is an arena for students, companies, experts and organizations to learn from each other and collaborate to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

A campus tour with full-day trainings for 400 students in sustainability and leadership takes place at the universities of Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå in November. Some 50 students are then selected to be graduated as Future Sustainability Leaders. They participate during an intensive training week in November with in-depth discussions, discussions and practical exercises with the partner companies. The exam takes place in January 2020.

“SCA values ​​a dialogue with the students about their views on the forest and the role of active forestry in a future bio economy for the climate”, says Sustainability Manager Katarina Kolar.

The increasing awareness of sustainability in all aspects of life will continue and open up new opportunities for the forest industry. One is the need for a transformation into a fossil-free society that requires renewable and recyclable materials. This is already done today from forest raw materials and with innovations new opportunities will come. Other trends are globalization and rising average incomes, which will lead to increased demand for sustainable packages.

Most measurements show that the pace of change to a sustainable society is too slow. If we are to achieve the global goals, all sectors must contribute. Ecolabelling Sweden and Sustainergies have therefore started A Sustainability Acceleration Project (ASAP) to equip tomorrow's sustainability leaders.

“We are very happy to have an actor like SCA, with knowledge and resources that can make a difference. Sweden needs more partnerships with business and industry in terms of education and innovation if we are to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030. It is time for Sweden to accelerate and ASAP is our contribution”, says Christian Quarles, Head of Communications at Ecolabelling Sweden, responsible for the Swan and the EU Ecolabel.

For SCA, ASAP is also an excellent opportunity to show students across Sweden what opportunities we have as Europe's largest private forest owners to make a difference. SCA's values and sustainability profile have great potential to attract tomorrow's employees. In addition to being a raw material and a carbon sink, the forests have many other values ​​such as promoting biodiversity, creating work opportunities, offering recreational and rehabilitation opportunities. In the future, these values ​​will probably be more prominent. The forests and the forest industry are an important player in meeting the needs of tomorrow.

Four important future sectors are represented in this year's ASAP: innovation and digitalization with Accenture, the green business sector with LRF (The Federation of Swedish Farmers​)​, the forest industry with SCA and the recycling industry with Stena Recycling.

ASAP was founded in 2018 by Ecolabelling Sweden, which works on the government's mission and Sustainergies. ASAP is produced annually in partnership with relevant players from various industries and sectors.​

Picture: Mattias Carlsson och Maria Rumm. Photo: Michael Engman.


Published 9/11/2019