The annual event “The Forest at the School” took place on May 15-16 and attracted nearly 600 eighth-grade students to visit SCA. Ortviken was responsible for a guided tour of the factory and other SCA units showed their activities in an area outside.

The visit began with a tour of Ortviken's paper mill where eight guides who solved each other during the two-day visit.

Kristoffer Edlund usually works as an operator at Massa but set up as a guide during her free break.

“I remember how it was when I went to study visits myself, how valuable it was to get a committed guide who gave insight into their activities”, says Kristoffer who acted as a guide for the first time.
After the factory visit, the young people were bused to a forest where they got to know forestry and then followed a visit to a tent where several SCA units were represented.
It was with great enthusiasm and good humor that the students took on the various challenges in the tent.
At strand, the students tried to build a house of cards as high as possible in two minutes.

At Logistics they talked about the business and the students got to try to load a model container with a model timber package.

Another challenge was found in the Wood business area, where the participants had to try to calculate the number of liters in a timber stock. For their help, they had a tape measure. It was also free to google how they would count.

At SCA Maintenance they competed to screw on the right nuts on a bunch of screws.
As appreciated, they got freshly grilled burgers.

“The record was taken by a guy on Wednesday who did eat seven burgers”, says Jan Ericsson, who handled the grill.
Photos and text: Per-Anders Sjöquist and Camilla Lindgren.

Published 5/24/2019