Environmentally friendly energy storage and optimized packaging supported by Alf de Ruvo Memorial Foundation. Every year, a scholarship of SEK 500,000 is awarded to researchers in the area of cellulose fiber-based materials. This year, two researchers are sharing the scholarship: Dr. Britta Andres and Dr. Eric Borgqvist. The Alf de Ruvo Memorial Fund was formed in 2000.

Britta Andres, Erik Borgqvist and Alf de Ruvo.

Dr. Britta Andres is being awarded SEK 250,000 for her research in environmentally friendly paper-based supercapacitors at the FSCN research center at Mid-Sweden University. These energy storage units are a cost-efficient, sustainable alternative to today's supercapacitors and batteries. Dr. Andres has developed unique methods and composite materials using micro- and nanocellulose to increase performance and lower the manufacturing costs of supercapacitors. The research is of interest to areas such as the auto industry, now that the demand for electric cars is increasing. Currently, electric cars are expensive and the large batteries entail heavy investment costs.

Dr. Andres was born in 1986 and grew up in Heeren-Werve, a village near Dortmund in Germany.

New virtual model optimized packaging

Dr. Eric Borgqvist is being awarded SEK 250,000 for developing a new mathematical materials model for paper-based materials. The model means a considerable step forward in the work on moving product development from the physical world to a virtual one. The advantage is faster, more efficient product development in which the number of costly tests in the physical world can be drastically reduced. The model is expected, for example, to predict when packaging material cracks during its conversion into packaging. This will mean a great deal of savings in time, money, and the environment.

Dr. Borgqvist was born in 1987 and grew up in Karlshamn. Currently, he works as a specialist at Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB in Lund.

The manufacture of various materials from the forest has long played a leading role in the Swedish economy. Threats from a changing climate require new bio-based materials that can free us from dependence on fossil-based raw materials. Here, Sweden has a unique opportunity to stand on the cutting edge and let the components of the trees become the building blocks in processes for manufacturing new materials in the future.

Alf de Ruvo

Alf de Ruvo was well-known and respected in the forest products and paper industry. He had several leading positions, including head of SCA's Research and Development department, and Executive Vice President of SCA. He brought many new ideas to SCA and broadened its research, which had long been heavily focused on pulp; Alf also focused on paper and other further processing of cellulose fibers. In his career, Alf also had many positions on various boards, including Chairman of the Board of the Forest Products Industry Research College (FPIRC) at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He was very productive, publishing reams of scientific reports and articles in the international trade press. In 2015, Alf was elected to the Paper Industry Hall of Fame. This is an organization that elects a number of people every year who have made significant contributions to the industry.

The nomination process for the Alf de Ruvo scholarship opens annually during March, which means that qualified leaders of research at universities and colleges, institutes and industry can nominate one or more candidates for the scholarship. The goal of the fund is to promote outstanding – and innovative – achievements in forest products or personal care products, the areas of activity for SCA or Essity.

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Dr Britta Andres Dr Erik Borgqvist

Published 2/1/2018