Monday October 16, Greenpeace carried out an action against SCA’s pulp mill Östrand in Timrå. Activists from Greenpeace tried to stop all transports in and out of the mill and four activists climbed the old recovery boiler, the highest building on the site, to put up a banderol. By lunch-time the same day, the action was stopped. The police are investigating possible criminal offences.

What Greenpeace demands is that SCA does not harvest forests with high conservation values, more specifically that SCA do not harvest areas that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has identified as value cores and high value sites.

SCA has had a dialogue with Greenpeace during the year, including field visits. SCA fully share the commitment that the biodiversity of the forest must be preserved. SCA's vast forest holding has been inventoried with regard to nature qualities and forest with high nature values is set aside from forestry in SCA's ecological landscape plans. All areas subject to harvesting is thoroughly inventoried and trees and areas important for care-demanding plants and animals are set aside.

Totally, SCA preserves at its own initiative more than 20 per cent of its productive forest land. More than one tree out of five becomes part of the forest's natural cycles and ensures a rich and varied nature.

SCA already fulfils Greenpeace' demands when it comes to value cores. We have already identified these areas with high nature qualities and protected them in our ecological landscape plans. When it comes to high value sites, those areas are only identified from maps as a planning tool. The Environmental Protection Agency has clearly stated that their intention is not that all high value sites should be protected. In large parts forest management with normal consideration for nature qualities may continue. In all more than one quarter of all productive forests in Sweden are found in high value sites. It would be very costly and lead to substantial reductions of forestry and forest industry to protect all high value sites. And it would not be efficient Nature conservation.

SCA's extensive care for all values of the forest implies that SCA fulfils the demanding forest certification systems FSC and PEFC, which makes it possible for customers and consumers to buy forest products from responsibly managed forests.

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Published 10/16/2017