• An inventory of SCA’s forests is now under way

    SCA’s tenth forest assessment, where all of SCA’s forests are being inventoried, has been in full swing since May. The data collected will provide valuable information about the amount of forest that can be harvested in the coming years without reducing future harvesting volumes.

  • SCA publishes map of nature conservation areas

    SCA has published on its website a digital map of the company’s forests voluntarily set-aside for nature conservation. This is forests that SCA has voluntarily exempted from forest management due to its high conservation values. The areas include forests that are managed with adapted methods to improve conditions for biodiversity and also SCA’s own conservation parks.

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  • SCA acquires another 10,000 hectares of forest land in Latvia

    SCA has signed an agreement to acquire Sundin Mezs SIA from the unlisted Swedish company Livland Skog AB. Sundin Mezs SIA owns forest and land assets in Latvia. The purchase price is approximately SEK 260 million (€24.2m) on a debt-free basis.

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  • Invitation to SCA’s Q2 2019 press conference

    The press conference is held in connection with the publication of SCA’s interim report for the second quarter of 2019 and is available via webcast or by phone.

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  • Heartwood Pine - the sustainable choice in the home

    Heart pine is a sustainable product which, owing to its natural wood preservation, does not require any treatment. This is a product that is being seen more and more in people’s homes and is arousing interest among architects around Sweden.

  • SCA signs credit facility agreement of SEK 5 Billion and secures a SEK 1 Billion loan from the Nordic Investment Bank

    Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ) has signed a new credit facility of SEK 5 Billion. The new facilitety is a refinancing of the current undrawn credit facilitys of SEK 8 Billion that was signed in 2017. The credit facility is primarily a back-up facility that will remain undrawn and serve as a liquidity reserve for the company.

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  • SCA sells logistics terminal in Rotterdam

    SCA intends to divest SCA Logistics (Rotterdam) B.V. to the Dutch company Matrans Holdings B.V. The transaction is expected to reduce SCA’s net debt by about 575 M SEK, including both the purchase price and the effect of financial leases which are included in the sale. The divestment is expected to reduce SCA’s EBITDA by around 30 M SEK on an annual basis.

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  • SCA acquires 10,000 hectares of forest land in Estonia

    SCA has acquired Forestum Group AB, a Swedish company which owns forest and land assets in Estonia, totalling approximately 10,000 hectares. The purchase price is SEK 420 million (€39m) on a debt-free  basis.

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  • Electric forklifts - does good for both the environment and drivers

    For a few weeks the employees at SCAs sawmill in Tunadal just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden, are testing an electric forklift. There are many advantages of electric forklifts, among other things, they are quieter, which benefits both the driver and the surroundings.

  • SCA updates the Medium Term Programme and publishes the prospectus

    Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ) on May 8, 2018 established a so-called Medium Term Note program (MTN) with a framework loan amount of SEK 8 billion. Until the date of this press release SCA has issued SEK 2,2 billion within the framework of the MTN program.

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