SCA has signed a collaboration agreement with Swedish skiers Charlotte Kalla and Anna Holmlund.

"Charlotte and Anna are two fantastic people and athletes," says Ulf Larsson, President of SCA. "They will be taking part in internal activities and in our marketing, both of our products and services and of SCA as a whole."

"We are a forest company from the Norrland region, with customers around the world. We want to perform well in all areas, and we want to challenge ourselves and face the tough odds. Charlotte and Anna display exactly the characteristics and the attitude we want permeating all of SCA's operations," Ulf Larsson says.

Right now, Charlotte is gearing up for the competitions in South Korea.

"The forest is my office and this is where I prepare myself. I'm proud of my origin and I like to spend time in the forest between tough training rounds. That's where I gather energy. Long term perspective and sustainability are important to me and it is with pride I begin the collaboration with SCA, a company that share my values. I want future generations to find the treasure of opportunities the forest can offer and the fantastic variation of seasons we have in Sweden."

Anna is working every day on her rehabilitation after the serious accident she suffered last winter. Again and again, she has amazed her doctors with her progress.

"I grew up with SCA as a major employer and an important business in my hometown. It's great that SCA believes in me. If SCA wants to learn about being headstrong, I'll show them how it's done."

Caption: On October 14, 2017, Charlotte Kalla and Anna Holmlund together inaugurated the new ski stadium of Alnö Ski Club in Sundsvall. The ski stadium is adapted for disabled.
Photo: Jonas Lindkvist

For further information, please contact:
Björn Lyngfelt, SVP Communictions, tel. +46 70 626 82 23

Published 1/31/2018