1. Europe's largest private forest owner

The forest is the source of SCA's value creation and the company's 2.6 million hectares of forest land provides reliable access to high-quality raw material. The biological net growth also captures and binds four million tonnes of CO2 per year.

2. Global trends favor renewable materials

Digitalization, globalization and e-commerce are increasing demand for transport packaging. Greater environmental awareness and tougher climate objectives favor SCA's pulp, packaging and publication paper as well as wood products.

3. Efficient and integrated value chain

SCA has well-invested production facilities strategically located close to forest raw material. Short distances and an efficient logistics chain provide significant synergies between the operations.

4. Consistent and credible sustainability efforts

SCA reduces its environmental impact by using new innovations and technology, and by continuously implementing efficiency enhancements. Since 2010, SCA's emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels were reduced by about 50 percent.

5. A strong brand

The brand helps SCA to develop business opportunities with strategic customers and suppliers, and is also a major asset when it comes to recruitment.

6. Leading kraftliner producer

With its two well-invested kraftliner mills, SCA is Europe's largest independent supplier of kraftliner – fresh fiber-based packaging paper. SCA is well positioned to deliver high-performance and pure kraftliner in a cost-efficient manner.

7. Cost-efficient pulp production with investments in increased capacity

One of the world's largest production lines for bleached softwood kraft pulp is under construction at the Östrand pulp mill. The expansion will make Östrand one of the most competitive pulp mills in the world, while pulpwood demand in the region is secured for a long time to come. The investment amounts to SEK 7.8bn.

8. Modern and efficient sawmills

SCA's five sawmills are well-invested and have a high degree of automation. They are among the largest in Europe and complement economies of scale with further processing of products carried out close to the customer.

9. Energy, biofuels and green chemicals offer growth opportunities

SCA's production of biofuels and district heating provide the Group with a position as one of the largest suppliers of forest-based renewable energy in Europe. SCA is conducting studies to evaluate whether biofuel can be made from sawdust, black liquor and tall oil, which could create future business opportunities.

10. Skilled and dedicated employees

Employees are SCA's most important asset. SCA provides a work environment that attracts, develops and engages employees in an organization characterized by responsibility, excellence and respect.