Business ethics

SCA's Code of Conduct is a policy document that is adopted by the Board of Directors.

A values-based culture is one of the focus areas of SCA's sustainability agenda, with knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct being one of the objectives. SCA has zero tolerance for all forms of corrupt and unethical business practices. Our SCA Supplier Standard is to be used to drive shared values and priorities throughout the supply chain.

Code of Conduct

SCA's General Counsel is responsible for the Code of Conduct.

Follow-up of the implementation of the Code of Conduct is carried out at all SCA units by SCA's internal audit function, which reports directly to the Board's Audit Committee.

Violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported via a Whistleblower function.

Responsibility for corruption is delegated to gain a local focus. SCA has established a Compliance Council consisting of SCA's SVP HR, Sustainability Manager, General Counsel and CEO. The Council oversees the implementation of and alignment with SCA's Code of Conduct.

SCA continuously educates its employees in the Code of Conduct and arranges special anti-bribery and anti-trust training programs. SCA also has programs in place for addressing violations of anti-trust rules.

SCA takes a very serious view of violations of the Code of Conduct in terms of follow-up and implications.

SCA's Code of Conduct is available on the company's intranet and website and can be accessed by all employees.

SCA produces an annual sustainability report that is reviewed by independent auditors.

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Supplier relationships

SCA's ambition is to promote sustainable and responsible business practices throughout its supply chain by selecting and rewarding partners who share the same values as SCA and who comply with SCA's Code of Conduct and Global Supplier Standard. SCA wants to ensure safe and high-quality goods and services for its customers and consumers, produced and delivered with respect for people and nature.