Our strategy is based on a sustainable business model where value creation for people and nature is a prerequisite for growth and profitability. Our sustainability work will create value for our customers and at the same time contribute to a better future for future generations by:

  • Reducing climate change through the products we offer, from our own processes and through a responsible forestry
  • Managing our forests in a responsible way which favors biodiversity
  • Caring for people and community permeates our actions and our decisions
  • Being a reliable and responsible company with a value-based culture that is shown in the way we meet people, do business and operate throughout our value chain

Reduce climate change

We will contribute to reduce global warmth by offering products with low climate footprint, reducing our own emissions of carbon dioxide and a responsible forestry

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Responsible forestry

We will mange our forests in a way so that they are at least as rich in the future of raw material, biodiversity and experiences as today

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Caring for people and community

Vi will develop together with the communities where operates and we will be a safe and inclusive employer where employees reach their full potential

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Value-based culture

We are a reliable company with high integrity both amongst our own employees and our suppliers

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Christer Fält, environment report 2009.
Christer Fält
Environmental Affairs
Katarina Kolar med bakgrund
Katarina Kolar
Sustainability Director