Our strategy is based on a sustainable business model where value creation for people and nature is a prerequisite for growth and profitability. Our sustainability work will create value for our customers and at the same time contribute to a better future for future generations by:

Reduced climate change

We will contribute to reduce global warmth by offering products with low climate footprint, reducing our own emissions of carbon dioxide and a responsible forestry

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Responsible forestry

We will mange our forests in a way so that they are at least as rich in the future of raw material, biodiversity and experiences as today

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Caring for people and community

Vi will develop together with the communities where operates and we will be a safe and inclusive employer where employees reach their full potential

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Value-based culture

We are a reliable company with high integrity both amongst our own employees and our suppliers

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Terminal crane in Terminal Sundsvall delivered by Terex Gottwald. Container handling. Terminalkran.

Efficient distribution vital for SCA's competitiveness

As part of SCA's ambition to constantly improve and increase competitiveness, the Group has optimized the distribution of finished products to key markets in Europe and the world. With the new distribution system, D2016, SCA has two ship departures each week to Kiel and one to Rotterdam and Sheerness near London. With the new routes, the Group has reduced fuel consumption per transported tonne. "We have also increased the share of container transportation of products from Sundsvall and Umeå via Rotterdam and out into the world. As a result, we have increased the size of chartered container ships. The larger ships entail increased competitiveness, greater energy savings, lower emissions per transported unit and SCA is also helping to reduce road transportation. In addition to environment benefits, D2016 offers overall efficiency gains of SEK 70-100m per year," states Magnus Wikström, Head of Marine Transportation at SCA.

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Christer Fält, environment report 2009.
Environmental Affairs